This is a follow-up to my last blog post, Case Study in Migraines from Mercury Poisoning, which gives an overview of Kim’s symptoms and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Reports.  Please read that first for more context.

In this video interview, Kim and I discuss the origin of her health issues, her journey detoxing mercury, and the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing that give her the strength to move forward in her journey.  Following this video are some words of insight and wisdom from Kim’s Partner, Andrei, about what it’s like when your Beloved suffers from chronic illness.

Insights from Andrei, Kim’s partner

The greatest challenge for me personally was/is having to witness the person I love the most being in so much pain on a daily basis.

I have always tried to encourage Kim by assuring her there will come a day when all the pain will be a distant memory. I have tried my best to support her along her journey by encouraging her to try new things and never stop looking for alternative methods for healing from chronic migraines.

I think one of the most important things I have contributed with is getting Kim to understand the importance of having a set daily routine (going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, eat at regular times, etc). I am a firm believer that this is very important for everyone, whether we are healthy or not. 

I was already a health-conscious person before meeting Kim, but since we know each other I feel that my knowledge about eating and living a healthy and balanced life has definitely been taken to the next level. We talk a lot about every new thing she discovers during her healing journey and I love how we’ve transformed the way we eat and live since we met each other. Furthermore, over the last year and half, we have become more present and conscious through meditation. We are both very grateful for our lives and for having each other. We feel lucky and involve with life.

I personally think it is in times of great pain and suffering that one’s true nature comes to the surface. I’ve seen the kindness and beauty of Kim’s soul right from the start, and in spite of the multitude of horrendous symptoms she was experiencing on a daily basis, she always has been and is a pillar in our relationship.  We have become best friends and great lovers in spite of everything. She always showed me love and never, even in her worse moments took her pain and suffering out on me. I consider myself lucky to have her by my side. Since I met Kim I have been introduced to meditation, gratitude manifestation and a lot of other things that have massively improved our quality of life.