1-on-1 Coaching Package (includes HTMA)


This option is best for those wanting personalized, one-on-one support from Marya to help implement the mineral balancing plan.


The coaching package includes:

> A full 13-page (or more) HTMA report including Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis results along with a detailed and personalized mineral balancing plan (includes food-based and supplement-based options).
> Two coaching sessions are provided. The initial :30 minute session is designed to eliminate triggering supplements and foods and help you to gain leverage stopping headaches and migraines without drugs while waiting for the lab results. The second one hour long follow-up coaching session involves review and fine-tuning of your mineral balancing plan.
> Guidance and help to customize the SimplyWell Protocol to address unique needs and food sensitivities.
> A copy of the e-book “Dissolve Your Migraines without Drugs”
> Information and advocacy so that you can work more effectively with your primary health care provider
> Compassionate coaching on stress management, spiritual and emotional health concerns with migraine
> A comprehensive audit of any supplements you are taking

Please fill out the downloadable intake form after purchase for this option!