How 6 Years of Research into Migraine Pathology Paid Off

My chronic migraines reared their head after a traumatic c-section operation.  After 2 years of experimentation, I was able to get rid of my migraine symptoms completely using the 5 steps that I now call the SimplyWell Protocol.

But when I got off the Protocol, my migraines came back.  So I set out on a journey to discover the root cause of migraine – and hit upon the answer: mineral balancing. 

Copper/zinc balancing is at the core of my approach to a migraine-free life.

By using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, we can work together to identify the root cause of your suffering.


I studied bodywork at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. I went on to specialize in biodynamic craniosacral therapy through a 2.5 year training with the International School of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, mentoring with Michael Shea, PhD.  I studied Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with Rick Malter, PhD, of the Malter Institute.

Because my research has led me to believe that hormonal birth control and hormone replacement therapy are playing a major role in women’s migraine pathology (and even some men’s, if they were born to mother’s who used them), I have chosen to expand my knowledge base in body literacy and fertility awareness.  I have completed Sarah Bly’s “Fertility Awareness: Personal and Clinical Applications” class, as well as her “Permaculture of the Female Body” class.

My Approach

Healing migraine requires a holistic approach: one that addresses the root cause. I always work to support the whole of you, which includes your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

The tool I use to evaluate and develop a mineral balancing strategy is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, which gives me a three-month long snapshot of your mineral status on a cellular level.

With your HTMA, I can determine your metabolic type, whether your migraines are caused by deficiencies or excess (or both) of minerals, any heavy metal toxicities that may be scrambling your mineral balance, and other mineral dynamics that are unique to you.

Mineral Dynamics

Minerals have powerful relationships to each other and to other nutrients, and healing is a dynamic process. Honoring this dynamic aspect of our bodies is important, especially when it comes to hormonal balance. 

I offer something unique when it comes to mineral balancing: I’ve developed an approach to healing hormonal migraine that adjusts the mineral program to different mineral requirements that exist at different times of your cycle. 

If you are peri or post-menopausal, mineral balancing can also be used to optimize your body’s own ability to synthesize hormones without the use of hormone replacement therapy.